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About: The Story of Us.

Kotobarabia is the world’s leading enabler of Arabic content. Our mission is to create a single web-based source for Arabic literature, knowledge and wisdom, and to make this source available to Arabic speakers and enthusiasts the world over. Our vision is to build a Library of Alexandria that cannot be burned down.

We tackle our ambition aims through three main services:

eContent Provider

Kotobarabia offers its full wealth of Arabic content on a yearly licence structure or on a category by category basis.

In our devotion in achieving our goal to create a single web-based source of Arabic literature, knowledge and wisdom, Kotobarabia is always committed to increasing its content both in volume and diversity. Furthermore, in 2012 we release a choice selection of books on our brand new iPad app, and will soon be releasing a series of historical journals – the first of its kind to be made available to the public!

Arabic eLibrary Solution

Kotobarabia realizes that the Arab Academic World’s needs are unique both in content and presentation. With special issues surrounding search ability, interface language and other language barriers, ready made solutions are difficult to find.

Committed to improving the technologies necessary for our field, Kotobarabia has developed a local access eLibrary application, taking into account all the challenges that the Arabic language offers. Currently we are developing a remote access interface for online Arabic eLibrary needs, with all the functionality any professional institute or end-user would require. This product will launch in the coming year.

eContent Creation

With extensive experience in eContent creation and distribution, Kotobarabia is uniquely qualified in digitizing any Arabic content institutions may have. Many libraries and academic organizations have content either created, or preserved by them. Having digitized over 7 million pages for third party vendors, Kotobarabia is the World leading digitization force that specializes in Arabic Content.

Kotobarabia provides a digitization and categorization system that grantees all content is easily accessible and preserved for ages to come. Kotobarabia is fully equipped to either scan full text books and images, complete with metadata and categorization, or fully retype the title for complete search ability functions.